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Folders Guide

A quick guide to submitting your stuff to the right place! Follow these and things should go a lot smoother...

1.Sexy Woman 2D:

Human women in 2D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female characters digitally rendered or traditional works, both are accepted. For reference see gallery folder…

2.Sexy Woman 3D:

Human women in 3D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female characters in 3D. For reference see gallery folder…

3.Sexy Anthro 2D:

Anthro women in 2D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female non human characters digitally rendered or traditional works, both are accepted. For reference see gallery folder…

4.Sexy Anthro 3D:

Anthro women in 3D, clean and fully rendered works only! Here you can submit your female non human characters in 3D. For reference see gallery folder…

5.Sexy Hordes of Women:

All women in 2D or 3D, clean and fully rendered works only! This folder is for scenes with equal or more than 2 characters. For reference see gallery folder…

6.Sexy Photography:

This folder is as it says for sexy photos of female models or cosplayers. Models and photographers are welcome to submit to this folder, but the material needs to be of quality photography or journalistic shots of attractive female cosplayers (as we understand many are photographed at conventions which don't often provide a high quality photographic backdrop). DO NOT submit self snapshots, those are not proper photographs.

7.Sexy Comics:

Here you can submit all your sexy comics that feature sexy women. NOTE that comic character pinups are NOT comics. Only characters that are portrayed in a comic environment with dialogue or sequential panels.

8.Sexy Animations:

This folder is for animated works, not to be confused with anime. Animated GIFs for example are acceptable as long as they're of good quality and content.

9.Artistic Folder:

This is for all that fancy artsy stuff that doesn't seem to fit in anywhere else.

10.Sexy Black and White:

Is for finished black and white digital or traditional (pen or pencil) works. Not coloured pieces. NOT for black and white photographs.

11. Still Learning:

Is a Folder for novice sexy artist, who are still learning and are interested in improving their work with the help of ASA. This folder has slightly lower requirements, though a general understanding of anatomy and colouring is required.


If you still don't get it, feel free to ask. Send a (polite!) note to the group and we'll try to answer any questions.

P.S. Keep your works sexy or make them just awesome to look at!





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41 deviants said Recharging Batteries by Juligan
26 deviants said Cyborg by PemaMendez
20 deviants said Oil Bath by GFITHER
14 deviants said ASA sexyrobot by justsantiago
9 deviants said sexy robot by mehdianim
3 deviants said Tech Tribe warrior by Seyton-Grey

Countdown to Sexy Robot Rumble Competition Voting End!

Sunday, November 30th @ 8:59pm

Lava Girl Super Form

A while back I wrote about some of the trials of releasing a game these days as a small indie dev. And today I'm expanding this thread. I hope It will be a good read for those who are interested in indie games and what its like to be a dev.

A month ago me and a friend of mine started work on a game called Hot Lava, we thought we make a simple game with a simple objective, but make it ridiculously hard to achieve. What you have to do is get 15 jumps in a row to reveal a sexy drawing of a "lava girl". We also added a leader board so people could see who has the most jumps. And I proved that you could get 15 jumps in a row, so if anyone can beat it, your welcome to try!

Now we were using 3-rd party software to develop it, so we can build for multiple platforms. In Hot Lava's case we used Game Maker Studio. Our timing for the release was coinciding with the release of the iPhone 6. Funny enough when IOS 8 came out Game Maker failed to build for it...So we had to release the Android version first. Finally this week we got approved for the App Store...

Obviously the biggest problem you will face as a small indie dev is how to get your game out there. No simple task I might add, unless you have a sack full of money. If you are aware of the recent controversies in gaming journalism, you'll know why we were reluctant to use any of them and send them a copy as it seams that they are a "bit" corrupt (note: not all of them though). Plus the chances of any of them reviewing a game form an unknown dev is slim. So we went with our social channels, which there aren't a lot to begin with, but it will have to do for now as we build our presence. Marketing your game is a big decider in its success (obviously the fact that it has to be appealing and fun to play). Though a lot of you might already know this, but what do you do if you don't have any funds to market. Sad to say it's like a lottery at that point, if for some magical reason a famous Youtouber decides to review you game, you are stuck with low amounts of downloads and hoping word of mouth spreads about it. The whole, tell your friends, thing is a bit iffy. Yes some real good friend will help you and download the game, but casual friends usually you have to convince...this may differ tho. It's a bit weird that a lot of the people I know really don't play games and the ones that do, are not interested in casual games.

So what do you do? One thing you can do is to start building a meaningful social media presence (not trying shove your product down someones throat), this will take time. Also you can try an build a brand, such as we are attempting. With Hot Lava now released on Android and IOS we plan to expand the title around our new character, the Lava Girl. We plan to make an infinite runner with multiple worlds and characters called Hot Lava Run. We will use the lava theme in our first playable world and build form there to include other types of worlds. You gather coins to unlock HD images of the different characters, unlock worlds and buy boosts. There will be items to collect and power ups to use, almost anything you'd expect from a proper game really.

Of course when you have a small budget to do any of this, one is gambling with time. As you have to put in a lot of effort for unknown returns, but thems the ropes. He who does not take the risk does not drink the champagne, right?

These days you might argue that it is easy to enter the game market and you'd be right. It is easy to enter, but having a game does not mean success, not even slight success. The problem is that the market is so over saturated, it is hard to decide what to play and what is a waste of time, and the game journalism problem isn't helping anyone either.

I hope this little read has given you insights on some of the issues small indie devs face in the gaming industry and the challenges that need to be overcome, and yes there is self promotion in this article, obviously.

If youd like to check out Hot Lava: and if you like to see progress on my other games check out my twitter

Any feedback on the artwork, article and the game are welcome.

Earlier today, we hit the limit on submissions to our original Sexy Women 2D folder. Deviantart only allows 5000 deviations to be accepted into a gallery folder. So we've replaced it with a NEW folder and retitled the old one.

Please check your submissions in your message center. If you submitted to a folder that now says SUBMISSIONS CLOSED - Sexy Women 2D, please do the following:

WITHDRAW your submission to the closed folder and RESUBMIT it to the NEW one.

Thank you!

More Journal Entries

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As the name says,


(no gentleman sausages plz!!!), whether it be traditional, digital or photography, clothed or nude... See our "Featured" folder in our gallery for reference.

We don't accept art containing males, except where they play a part in a sequential comic book page. Submissions should ONLY contain female figures. This also applies to futa or gender-bending images - do not submit images with this content, figures must have female genetalia only.

We also don't accept art submissions if you are NOT the artist, or if you've copied the work of someone else! Artists must submit their own work as it is posted in their own gallery, and must not post reproductions of images belonging to someone else (ie. outright copying or even tracing a photograph). We do not accept writing (literature), advertisements or other non-illustrations.

ADULT MATERIAL: must have the required filters enabled, as specified by DA rules!

NB! Child or underage characters are NOT accepted! This includes AGING known underage characters!! Nor are masturbation, sex or rape scenes, or pics containing extreme gore and sadistic violence!

Extreme fetishes are also unwelcome and will be declined. We are not a fetish group, we are here to appreciate quality art that is attractive and appealing.

2. When submitting art please try to submit to the correct folders, if you have questions feel free to ask!


Sexy stuff...the best works in our gallery folders will get featured! The "Featured" folder in the group gallery showcases some of our best submissions.

4. NOTE, that this is a High Standards Group and you might not get works accepted right out of the blue. We go for the best works.

5. What about nudity?

Remember that just because its nude, doesn't mean its art. The female figure doesn't have to be naked to be sexy. We accept erotic art to a certain extent, it should not cross the line into porn/hentai. Pornographic content is against DA policies - THIS INCLUDES MASTURBATION ACTS. There is a huge difference between erotic art and porn. If you don't know the difference, don't submit. For information on DA policy regarding adult content, go to the Help & FAQ and type it in.


1. Some standards we follow:

-Members must have a general knowledge and a certain level of ability to draw proper proportions and figures.
-A moderate to advanced level of skill of coloring and inking - digital, traditional or otherwise.
-A general or unique sexy feel of the pic (if you have a sexy pose but ugly features, we wont accept it. Some would argue that everyone sees sexy differently, we are open minded and voting by our admins means voting could go any way)

2. Reasons for Declining or Deletion from the group:

-is not up to a certain standard level of quality
-was accepted by contributor/admin who didn't take the time to look at the image but who just clicked yes on everything -- if later discovered and it doesn't meet our standards, we WILL remove it
-is not sexy (ie, sexy figure, ugly features)
-is submitted to the wrong folder...(we do manage pics but PLEASE try to submit to correct folders!)
- contains figures that have genitalia that are not female (no futa or gender-bending - this isn't the place for that)
- contains extreme variations of fetishes like lactation, breast inflation, extreme obesity, foot fetish, muscle fetish, S&M etc. If the art looks like it was drawn specifically for a fetish and not as generally attractive art, we will ask you to use the various fetish groups out there instead of ours.
-we may refuse to accept content that is just not good enough overall.
- content is considered gross, disgusting, or violates DevArt site policies we will not accept it
- deviation is NOT drawn/inked/coloured BY THE MEMBER THEMSELVES. Do not submit work that is not created by you!
- deviation is a tracing or copy of someone else's work, especially when done without permission of the rights owner. Do not submit images where you copied or reproduced someone else's hard work without their permission.

3. When submitting art, be sure to submit your BEST works! We strive for quality, so don't be surprised if your work is declined.

4. REMEMBER: getting accepted is a PRIVILEGE not a RIGHT!

Submission Feedback!

Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we do NOT automatically give reasons for declining. The submission queue is large and time consuming.

For information on submission, please refer to the submitting and quality section above this box!

If you do want feedback, please leave a comment on your submission, and we'll try to get to it as soon as we can. Polite inquiries are welcome, but anyone being rude, abusive, or acting in a disturbing manner will be ignored or removed.

Please remember this is a High Standards group, what we might say may not always be what you want to hear. Artists have to be able to take criticism, so if you can't accept that criticism, constructive or otherwise, please leave it be. Acting out does not accomplish anything for you.

Joining ASA!


Anyone who likes sexy women and pretty bodies... feel free to join! However remember that getting accepted as a member does not mean that your work gets accepted. Please read our submission standards and guidelines below before submitting. And remember that artists MUST submit their OWN work. Do not submit anything that you did not draw/ink/colour/paint/photograph/model.

Members are allowed 3 submissions per week and these submissions are voted on by our volunteer adminstrators:

Disciples of Sexy (Contributor):

A status given on an invite only basis to members skilled in producing quality female art. If you *know* you meet this requirement and your gallery can prove it, you can apply for this status by Noting the group. We will evaluate your work, and if your art appeals and you fit the group, you may be chosen to become a Disciple.

-have great female art!
-be talented/skilled!
-vote on member submissions (is not mandatory, but much appreciated)
-help with the group development (is not mandatory, but much appreciated)
-no waiting for voting on submissions!

Overseers of Sexy: (moderator)

For highly active members of a certain skill level who is active in the group and would like to participate in the groups activities, help with the voting and keeping ASA standards, and help develop the group.

-must vote on submissions (insuring quality works get accepted)
-must have well established artistic skills.

Masters of Sexy: (co-founder)

Is a invitation only admin position reserved for some of the best.

-must have excellent art works!
-take part in ASA development and voting!


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